Who we are ;

Founder of IEA Technik Mr. İlker Ertugrul AKKAN started his shipbuilding 2002 and he was started his independed business 2012 after succesful working periode over 10 year Turkish Shipbuilding Industry , today we are proud to be a reliable partner below governmental organizations we esatblish AKKAN MARITIME A.Ş. in order company and we are working on behalf them in Turkey and European Countries ,

  • Faroe Island International Ship Registry
  • Bulgarian Hydrodinamic Research Center branch of Bulgarian Academy of Science
  • Shanhaiguan Shipyard Member of CSIC

Our Vision : Being one of the most relaible shipbrokering partner via combining our technical talent & experience world wide shipping & shipbuilding market ,

Our Mission : Expand Turkish Shipyards marketshare from worldwide shipbuilding & shiprepair market

Our Values : We always focus customer demands , We only follow Business Ethics , We believe always Win-Win Corperations ,

We always care best efficiency every way of our projects …

We achive of provide our clients for Right Project , Right Price , Right delivery time , Right Shipbuilder , Right Quality in our country and most assit with it’s 16 years ship, private boat, shipyard construction, field and management experience.

Our technical talent comes from our family genetics , and we are second generation in heavy industry

Our basic principle is push the boundaries of add value in the services we provide which we can produce and provide the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Therefore, we produce all products / projects we prepare our own structure and design of the project, we inform our customers of anticipating all the steps.

from different types of ships as IEA Technik based in Istanbul / Turkey providing various services dedicated for the benefit of Shipowners ;

1. New building brokerage mainly in shipyard equipments but also dealing with other ship types

2. Introducing the Shipowners to quality shipyards on behalf of Shipowners (eg: Shipyards from Turkey, China ,Bulgaria, Norway and others)

3. Collecting proposals from Shipyards for your projects

4. Finance brokering

5. New building methodology: Only hull building at the shipyards of either Turkish or Bulgarian or Polish shipyards + Outfitting & Final delivery at Norwegian Shipyards

6. Ship Design / Stability calculations / Structural Analyze

7. Shiploading software

8. Consultancy in Ship Equipment Procurement

9. Livestock Carrier Conversion project and project management

In the light of above services we promise high quality brokering, financing and engineering that will lead to first class shipbuilding at experienced shipyards.

For your further questions and intention for our business model please do not hesitate to contact us