iea norshippingIEA Technik offers to it’s customer specific solutions in stages of certification, planning , production control, project management, final project, draft project, the analysis of the operators and shipbuilding companies and shipowners, with it’s 14 years ship, private boat, shipyard construction, field and management experience.

Our basic principle is push the boundaries of add value in the services we provide which we can produce and provide the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Therefore, we produce all products / projects we prepare our own structure and design of the project, we inform our customers of anticipating all the steps.

Energy Efficiency for Charterers  and Performance Monitoring systems for shipowners

Livestock Carrier Conversion project and project management solutions from different types of ships

As IEA Technik  based in Istanbul / Turkey providing various services dedicated for the benefit of Shipowners ;

We provide for you

1. New building brokerage mainly in tankers but also dealing with other ship types

2. Introducing the Shipowners to quality shipyards on behalf of Shipowners (For example Shipyards from Turkey, Bulgaria, Poland, Norway and others)

3. Collecting proposals from Shipyards for your projects

4. Finance brokering – Depending on our reliable relations, we provide long term (8 to 12 years) financing as libor + %0.75 +%1.2 interest rate

5. New building methodology: Only hull building at the shipyards of either Turkish or Bulgarian or Polish shipyards + Outfitting & Final delivery at Norwegian Shipyards

6. Basic design service

7. Shiploading software

8. Consultancy in Ship Equipment Procurement

In the light of above services we promise high quality brokering, financing and engineering that will lead to first class shipbuilding at experienced shipyards.

For your further questions and intention for our business model please do not hesitate to contact us

Concept Designs

  •  Livestock Carrier
  •  Ro-Ro     Carrier
  •  Ro-Pax    Carrier
  •  Work Boats
  •  Low draft Tug boats
  •  Low Draft Pusher boats
  •  Multipurpose Dredger
  •  Jack Up Barge


Paint Supervision & Coordination

We are providing our clients following services;

Sales & Purchase Inspections

Onboard Inspection for Specific Problems

Market Research

Repair Superintending

Equipment Installation

Newbuilding Supervision

Shipyard Crew Supply for repair jobs (Certified by IACS class authorithy)

Manpower (Welder / Montage / Piping)